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HPC and Data Science Summer Institute

08/05/24 - 11:00 AM - 08/09/ - 03:00 PM EDT

The San Diego Supercomputer Center's (SDSC) HPC and Data Science Summer Institute is a week-long workshop held at the University of California, San Diego focusing on a broad spectrum of introductory-to-intermediate topics in High Performance Computing and Data Science. The program is aimed at researchers in academia and industry, especially in domains not traditionally engaged in supercomputing, who have problems that cannot typically be solved using local computing resources.

The Summer Institute will continue with a two part structure in response to the needs of our diverse user base and the increasingly diverse suite of resources and services that they need to utilize (often referred to as cyberinfrastructure). We recognize that while many researchers still need to write and parallelize their own software, a significant number of users of our supercomputers are not parallel/HPC/CI programmers (“non-programmers”). Rather, they use existing, robust third-party applications to solve problems in fields as diverse as phylogenetics, genomics, molecular biology, computational chemistry, material science, climate simulation and others. Nonetheless, these non-programmers still need to acquire specialized skills in order to effectively use advanced cyberinfrastructure. This years Summer Institute is structured to support both programmers and non-programmer as well as those who can benefit from both.

This year’s Summer Institute will consist of two consecutive sessions, the first specifically focused on the needs of non-programmers:

  • Session 1 (Monday-Tuesday) Non-programming skills: Parallel computing concepts, intermediate Linux and bash scripting, hardware essentials, batch script execution, data management, cybersecurity, interactive computing, how to get help, code porting and installation, high throughput computing and Linux tools for file processing.

  • Session 2 (Wednesday-Friday) Programming skills: Performance tuning and optimization, profiling, parallelizing software using MPI and OpenMP, Git/GitHub, GPU programming with CUDA, Python for HPC, deep learning and scalable machine learning.

Apply Today!
Last day to apply: Friday, April 26, 2024

  • Preparation Day (virtual): Tuesday, July 30, 2024, from 9 am - 11 am (Pacific Time)
  • Summer Institute (in-person):
    • Monday, August 5 – Thursday, August 9, from 8 am - 5 pm (Pacific Time) 
    • Friday, August 9, from 8 am - 12:30 pm  (Pacific Time)

Visit the HPC & Data Science website for full details regarding this summer institute. 

"The knowledge I acquired about HPC, parallel programming, machine learning, and data science from the SDSC was invaluable. Excellent Workshop"
- Anonymous, 2023 HPC & DS attendee

" Yes, I absolutely would. There is very little chance I would have learned this much material in one week on my own.” 
- Jerry, 2023 HPC & DS attendee

2023 HPC & Data Science Participants

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